After the rush of the South Australian Regional Championships (more on that in a later post), I found myself quite busy and unable to get many games in.  I spied a store tournament in Burnie, Tasmania (another state – over the water, just over an hour’s flight from Melbourne) – what if I could get there and back in a day?  Crazy idea huh? Well – as it turned out, it might just have been possible!  So I went into planning mode.


The closest airport to Burnie is Davenport – but sadly they didn’t have suitable flight times and car rental available when I needed it – so the next option was to fly Melbourne to Launceston (over an hour’s flight time).  The next problem was that Launceston was just over 1 ½ hours’ drive from Burnie – so I’d need a car and sufficient time to drive to & fro.


In the end – I booked the first flight in and the last flight out to maximize my time there and hopefully get some games in!

Although for fun – it was a grueling day – it required me to get up at 5am to catch the 7am flight to Tasmania, pick up a hire car and then drive 1 ½ hours to the venue.

Games on Board (Tasmania) – Store tournament

I got to Burnie and the store with around 30 minutes to spare and  I was looking forward to this, it would be a bit of fun with some new people and supporting a local games store with a smaller player base.  I was also planning on running something completely different than my selected list – I was going for the post-nerf Wolf pack!


Game 1 – vs Darren (Dengaroo)

Interesting!  5 Jumpmasters on the board – the game started off well, with a few torpedoes scoring useful hits on Dengar – though R5-P8 and Dengar’s ability were also taking its toll on my scouts.  I managed to kill Dengar for the loss of one scout (and damage to the others).  At that point I thought I had it won, with only Manaroo left – but it proved too hard for the scouts as Darren was apt at dodging my arcs – so I couldn’t get the remaining munitions off.  In the end my remaining scout was down below half – while Manaroo was as well (just couldn’t ping off the last 2 hull!).  Great and close game that went to time.

Result: Loss (84-79)

Game 2 – vs ??? (Dual sprays – Bobba & Kath)

Ah ha!  Now for those that don’t know my earlier lists – I tried a dual spray list early on in my playing days – with very sad results (my worst losing streak of all time – 7 losses in a row before I ‘benched’ them).  So I have no fear when I see them across the table from me as I know that they take some mighty flying to work well (not to say that it is impossible – as I believe that the list won one of the New Zealand Regionals).

I sadly can’t remember my opponent’s name (sorry) but he seemed to get caught up in the same problem as I did – trying to make the most of the extra dice out of Kath’s rear arc – this meant that he had a few turns at the start of the game where he had no shots on me (as I was at his side).  I was able to unload my munitions into the sprays and again, had a better first half of the game.  Once again – once Bobba was down, Kath proved difficult to shift.  In the end though, the scouts did it with the loss of 1 and a half ships.

Result: Win (100-50)

Game 3 – vs Ben (Imperial Aces – Inquisitor, Darth, Carnor)

OK – no Palpatine – but 3 good, arc dodging ships – this was going to be difficult for me if I couldn’t get my munitions off.  Ben started aggressively and also used PTL on Carnor and the Inquisitor early on while closing quickly – this meant I knew (thereabouts) where they would move and likely options in turn 2 and positioned accordingly.  I wanted to get my Plasma Torpedoes off against Darth and the Inquisitor (who have shields) and save the protons for Carnor.

Ben (I think) realized that he was slightly out of position with the Inquisitor and Carnor Jax, so made an aggressive move with Darth.  To be fair, I couldn’t resist the option and managed to get Darth down to 2 hull at the end of that exchange.  Due to the better PS, it was going to be difficult to try to keep Darth in arc, so I switched focus onto the Inquisitor next turn and managed to get him off the board.  Managed to 1-shot Carnor (with the help of 4-Lom) a turn or two later.  With Darth only on 2 hull – it was a matter of time.  Lost 1 and a half ships again.

Result: Win (100-50)

Game 4 – vs  Michael (Mixed Rebels – B,X and 2 x A wings)

OK – coming into the last round I was 2 and 1 – and this would again be pivotal in determining whether I made the cut.  Michael’s list didn’t scare me much at first glance, but he played it very well.  I decided to burn down the B wing first – but couldn’t quite close the deal there as it continued to survive on 1 hull for a number of turns (while attacking my ships!).  I had a stroke of luck in this game as Michael had Ion Pulse missiles on the B (which I had forgotten about) and strayed too close to the board edge with one of my scouts.  It was the perfect setup for Michael … until he rolled 4 blanks!  Ouch – that was rough.

In the end, I killed the B wing and the X wing, leaving a damaged and undamaged A wing on the board for the loss of half of a scout.

Result: Win (54-17)

Overall results

So 3-1 and standing 2nd after the Swiss rounds – things were looking good until I saw the time.  Given I had a 1.5 hour drive back to the airport and had to drop off the rental car, I would be cutting it MIGHTY close to try and fit another game in.  At that point, I decided to collect some loot and drop from the tournament, allowing the 5th placed player to go into the knockout rounds.

A little sad that I couldn’t stay for at least one more game, but I made the right decision as I made a wrong turn on the way back and only had around 30 minutes to spare for the flight – so if I’d played another game … I’d likely be sleeping overnight in the car!

Final standing – 2nd (after Swiss – Dropped from the final cut)

Post Script

Due to road works on the main freeway from Melbourne airport heading home, I didn’t actually arrive back at my place until just after 11pm!  That was a LONG day!