It’s one of those times you shake your head and ask yourself the question.

What am I talking about?  Choosing a squad to fly at my first National tournament.

Let me back-track a bit – things have been busy at my day job since my last outing at the South Australian Regional Championships (top 8) and since that time, I have been looking for a list to ‘bond’ with.  The trouble is that I’ve had limited time and opportunity to test out a number of lists, but not enough time to settle on one nor really test it against the meta.

So, what have I tried?

  • Wolfpack (3 x Contracted Scouts with plasma torpedoes) – 7/10 win ratio
  • Bomber squadron – 3/4 win ratio
  • Palp Aces – 2/3 win ratio
  • Deci-Whisper – 1/3 win ratio

Now – in a couple of days, I need to submit my list and play it like there’s no tomorrow.  I had some thoughts around the Deci-Whisper list recently and tried it out last night.  Sadly a couple of us had similar thoughts and Darby’s incarnation (using Chirenau rather than my Oicunn proved superior – also in no small part to his superior flying!).  So if I were to keep trying that (post tweak) – I would be entering the tournament with an untried list (not that it’s unusual for me – given my past 2 tournaments!).  Last night though showed me that testing out a list is vital (rather than trying to completely think on your feet).

So – one of the above or the trusted Brobots?  The problem here is that it has been months since I’ve flown the IG88’s and certainly have limited experience in the current meta with them.

Given my lack of any serious match preparation, it’s clear I won’t be bothering those at the top tables much on the weekend, so I should play something that I enjoy – win or not.  The conundrum is what?

Stay tuned…