So, it’s been a bit of a break since the Nationals and I thought I’d provide a wash up of my washed-out performance!  Yes (eliminating all suspense from this discussion) I won 2 games and lost 4 – finishing in the top 100 and that’s about it.

Now – as stated in previous posts, I wasn’t expecting much from my performances due to (1) a significant lack of match practice and (2) choosing a list that I hadn’t really played before (and wasn’t a ‘tier 1’).  I was hoping to win 50% of my games, but fell short.

I decided to have some fun and take a Decimator / Phantom build (Chirenau, Whisper) – neither of which I have flown much – it is a lot of fun to fly, but punishes you when you make a bad decision – very unforgiving.  Leading into the tournament, I had played 3 or so games with a similar list and won only 1 (33%) and after the tournament, it seems that was an accurate reflection of how I was flying it (2/6 on the day). I may go into more detail in subsequent posts, but for the record, here were the results:



1 Matt Rebel Jake, Miranda, + Loss 65-100
2 Jason S&V Wolf Pack Win 49-29
3 Daniel Rebel Chewie + Win 100-29
4 Andrew Rebel Ghost + Loss 52-100
5 Alun Empire Palp Defenders Loss 31-100
6 Marley Empire Defenders x 2 & bomber Loss 46-100


I had a ball and cannot praise General Games enough for running such a great event.

So are there any lessons learned from the experience that I can take away?  Sure:

  1. The level of competition at the Nationals is a step up from Regionals!
  2. If you don’t know how your list will perform against different archetypes, you’re likely to learn a hard lesson
  3. Playing any list (competitive, experienced or not) is fun at such a large tournament
  4. Practice (specifically with your chosen list) is really the key to a good performance

The last point is quite relevant – considering my showing at the South Australian Regional Tournament.  Although I hadn’t flown that list before – I had flown swarms as my second most used archetype – so I had some experience with how they operated.  Whisper is not a pilot to “take on a whim” (unless you’re a much better pilot than me!).

So what next?  I think I’ll look for a list that I can settle on and play for a while in the lead up to the next competition season – which (with the shift in timing) is almost upon us!