As stated in my last post, I thought up a simpler way (theory wing) to get the same results from the post nerf #2 wolf pack / party bus list without telegraphing my moves.

To re-cap, using the K4 Security droid as crew, you can get a target lock for free with a green move, leaving your action to grab a focus and thus increase your shot efficiency with the plasma torpedoes.  The problem here was that: (1) because of the relative pilot skills you’d be likely to face, you won’t be able to grab a target lock against a higher PS opponent in the first exchange (as they move second and will likely be out of range), and (2) as you need to make a green move, that telegraphed your likely moves to a cunning opponent, who could anticipate and counter by flying to your right hand side.

I can’t solve problem 1 at the moment, but have come up with a simple option for problem 2.

Instead of trying to be clever with the crew or astromech options to get some action efficiency, we can just take Push The Limit as the EPT.  So, when in a position to take a target lock (which you can now do with green or white moves), you do so and then if you have a shot, PTL for a focus.  That provides the statistical 4 hits (plus shield hopefully) as detailed in the last post.  This leaves you with a stress – but this is the same situation as the wolf pack faced after Nerf #1 with the use of the Overclocked R4 astromech.

Now we’re not letting out opponent dictate our flying for launching our ordnance, and we have opened up our attack runs to include other parts of the dial – including the magical white left 3 S-Loop.

I would dearly love to add the Unhinged astromech for an additional 3 green moves to clear the stress, but that would need to come at the cost of the efficiency of the Party Bus – something I’m not prepared to entertain at the moment.

So the list looks like:

  1. Contracted Scout (PtL, Extra Munitions, Plasma Torpedoes, Guidance Chips)
  2. Contracted Scout (PtL, Extra Munitions, Plasma Torpedoes, Guidance Chips)
  3. Trandoshan Slaver (Dengar, Zuckass, 4-Lom)

Coming in at 100 points exactly.  Ok – so how does it play?  Only three outings to date – but the results are promising:

Game 1 v Dengar / Bossk (Darby)

Lost this game – but Dengar was on 1 hull and Bossk was removed earlier.  I made a HUGE mistake early in the game.  With both the scouts facing off against Bossk with target locks (but within range 1), I thought to K-turn behind him and launch the missiles – I FORGOT that I was stressed with the extra focus taken through PTL – ouch!  This could have been worse again if the old rules held true, as we were hugging the edge of the board.  As it turned out, it meant that I was doing 2 forwards and not clearing my stress – meaning I had a couple of rounds of re-manoeuvring to get back into position.  In the meantime – I lost one of the scouts but eventually took down Bossk.  The remaining scout and Dengar duelled for a few turns, the scout being able to block Dengar until he could get in a good position to re-attack.  Darby was too good though and survived with 1 hull!

Game 2 v Rey / X wings (Jarryd)

I hadn’t yet played or played against the new falcon or pilots – so this was going to be a learning experience.  Jarryd had previously flown Rey and Poe, but swapped out Poe for 2 rookie pilots.  My first target was to get Rey / the Falcon with my torps, whilst trying to avoid focused fire on the scouts.  I managed this reasonably well, though the x wings were able to take out one of the scouts, it left one scout and the party bus to mop up.

Game 3 v Triple Defenders (Brendan)

Brendan was starting out with the triple defenders list – a list that has caused me some significant problems in the past!  Doubly so as all of my ships were setup and would need to move first.  The only saving grace was that I knew, with the title, that they would fly 3+ moves most times to get the free evade.

The 2 squads were setup to joust in the early engagement and, despite focused fire, the targeted scout managed to survive.  My aim was to take down Ryad (as the other 2 are much more predictable in movement), so launched 2 x torps and the party bus shot against her – sadly she survived, which proved that I needed to change my tactics – I went for a block with one scout (successful) to deny some shots, but the remaining defenders did for my first scout.

So down one scout (with one torp unused again!) the remaining jumpmaster and the YV set about ridding space of the glaive squadron pilot – this they did reasonably well, managing to not expose themselves to any focused fire in the interim.  That left Vessery against the party bus and the scout – who he tried to take down.  With some creative flying, the scout held its own and managed the distance of the engagement (staying beyond range 3 mostly), while the YV was behind the defender.  This is probably the only ‘mistake’ my opponent made as he should have used his better dial to get behind the party bus and take it out first – as it’s gold against higher agility opponents (with Denger, Zuckass and 4-Lom).

In the end though, Vessery couldn’t hold out and the Party Pack (PtL) won out.

Closing thoughts

Is the build viable?  I believe so – though it flies differently than the last incarnation.  You do need to pick when you PtL and I don’t think I did that as well as I could in those 3 games.  Still – with sub-optimal flying, I still managed a near win (1 hull away) and a good win against 2 tough lists (Dengar / Bossk that did well at Worlds, and triple defenders) and a speculative list win (against Rey – who I’m still unsure of how effective she is).

What should I do differently?  I was too tempted to PtL when not launching Torps – that is as bad as telegraphing my moves with K4 in an attempt to target lock an opponent.  So I need to dial-back on PtL use and just focus OR Target Lock as an action.  PtL was useful in the late game to use defensively – barrel roll out of arc or into / beyond range 3 and the PtL for a focus.

Again – I was probably too aggressive with the list (notwithstanding rookie mistakes in game 1!) and need to fly a little more defensively with the scouts in the early game.  Once again the YV proved to be a game winner – its power against high agility ships (especially defenders) was shown to be great once again.  If an opponent targets it though, the scouts need to be ready to take advantage and focus down an opposition ship (something that’s easier with PtL – as long as it’s not overused).

Ultimately more testing is needed and in a casual tournament situation I may get a better indication of how this will go against the current meta.  I’d also like to test it against the Dengaroo build as well.