Now that the World Championships are done and dusted, I’m sure that there will be numerous analysis articles on what did well and why.  For my own purposes, I like to look at what squad lists are doing well in the larger tournaments around the world and how this relates to the ‘meta’ at the time.

Leading into this year’s “World’s”, there was one big FAQ surprise – the second ‘nerf’ for the wolf pack, that is, that the Deadeye EPT was now “small ship only”.  We can speculate on whether this lead to some last minute change of plans for some pilots, but in the end (short of an actual survey of participants at the tournament) it’s just theory-wing really.

One thing is for sure – whether it be because of the latest or previous FAQ change that affected triple jumpmasters, they certainly weren’t as popular as they were prior to the initial FAQ change (Nerf).  There was only one list in the top 25 that had 3 jumpmasters.

Of course the other BIG change in the “meta” came with the release of the Imperial Veterans and, specifically, the Tie x7 title for the Defender.  This has (almost single-handedly) propelled the Defender from being an overpriced utility ship to a tier 1 monster.  This also changed the nature of one of the most successful archetypes of recent times, the Palp Aces – leading to Soontir not being present in ANY top 25 lists at Worlds!

One other change was that Wave 9 ships were available, and these featured in 4 of the top 25 lists.

Most popular lists at Worlds

No Archetype Examples Highest placing
6 Palp Aces (incl. Palp Def.) Omega Leader, Vessery, Palp*

Vessery, Ryad, Palp

Top 4
4 Dengaroo NA First place
3 Mixed Scum Fenn, Old T, Manaroo

Assaj + 2 TLT Y wings

Ketsu, Syk, Concord ace

Top 8
2 Rebel Regeneration Miranda & Corran Second place
2 Y wing TLT spam NA Top 16
1 Fat Han Han, Jake Top 4
1 Dual Shadowcasters Ketsu, Assaj Top 16
1 Phantom & Decimator Whisper, Oicuun Top 16
1 Triple Defenders Vessery, Ryad, Glaive Top 16
1 Wolf Pack NA Top 16
1 Dual Ghost & Y NA Top 25
1 Rebel swarm 3 x Blue, Rookie & Bandit Top 25
1 Dengar / Bossk NA Top 25


So what pearls of information can we take from the table above?  Well, it’s still clear that 2 of the top archetypes prior to Worlds were still the top 2 most popular squad types in the top 25 – those being Palp Aces and Dengaroo – these accounted for 10/25 of the top lists.

Other interesting points to note from the Top 25:

  • Stress bots were absent from the top 25, as were any Tactician upgrades
  • A few ‘old style’ lists made the cut – such as a Fat Han and a Decimator & Ace – these are probably testament to their pilots’ abilities rather than the lists themselves – though it does show that they are still competitive!
  • 19 out of the 21 Scum ships in the top 16 had 360 degree shooting (including the mobile arc shadowcasters)
  • Despite reasonable popularity in the local scene – there were no ARCs in the top 25 lists
  • 3 lists out of the top 25 had Lancer Class (Shadow caster) ships
  • The ‘usual suspects’ of unpopular ships again failed to make an appearance (certainly in the top 25), such as:
    • M3A interceptor (Syk) – despite the last minute FAQ change for the title
    • Tie Bombers / Punishers
    • Kihraxz fighter
    • G-1A starfighter (Mist Hunter)
    • Starviper


Changes from last year that could be a surprise to some people:

  • No Dash / YT2400
  • No Brobots (the highest placed Brobots was #26)
  • No Tie swarms (of any variation)