So since my last update, I’ve had 4 more games with the “PtL Party Pack (PtL PP)” list with reasonably good results.  The games have been against the following lists:

  1. (S&V) Manaroo, Party Bus and Fenn
  2. (Rebel) Ghost, Attack shuttle (docked) and B wing (Ibtisam)
  3. (Imperial) Tie Swarm (Howlrunner, 3 x Black squad, 3 x Academy pilots)
  4. (Imperial) Palp Aces (Capt Yorr with Palp, Inquisitor, Quickdraw)

Some varied lists – so that’s good (though it still needs more testing)!

Statics for all variations on the Wolf / Party Pack is as follows:

Played Wolf Pack + (incl. Party Pack) TOTAL
Versus Empire Rebel S&V  
Wins 7 5 5 17
Losses 2 0 2 4
Total 9 5 7 21
% Win 78% 100% 71% 81%
% games 43% 24% 33%

My observations following these games (and the previous ones), in no particular order, are:

  1. The PtL PP list is quite survivable as there is a lot of hull / shields to get through (30 in total) and although there are lists that boast more (Dual Ghost + Y coming in at 40 is the most I can think of!), it does have more survivability as 2/3 of the list has at least 2 evade dice (or 3 at missile range 3). That dual Ghost list has 1 evade dice in total!
  2. In most games still I don’t get all 4 plasma torpedoes off – still not optimal, but in combination with the Party Bus, the Scouts seem to be able to do the job with only a base attack dice value of 2 – this is mitigated by the PWT / 360 degree shooting. This is still a worry for me though – at regionals the quality of the competition will be high and mistakes will be mercilessly punished by my opponents!
  3. If I have to lose a ship – I’d prefer it to be a scout – having 2 x scouts in the end game is not as good as a scout and the party bus. Now – against more manoeuvrable ships, you don’t want to be left with the YV as the last ship (as they’ll get behind it and the game is as good as over), but with 2 ships left – the variety and dubious application of the Zuckass crew card keeps opponents on their toes.
  4. Don’t joust! That is a bit hard when some of the swarms / mini swarms have a better PS than your ships and will likely set up to counter your own deployment – so I’ll need a little more thought on this front and look to vary the standard setup / initial turn sequence I normally use.  The challenge here is that you want to be able to focus fire but not risk more of your squad than necessary.  Options against swarms I’m thinking about are:

a) To split the scouts – so at least 1 can flank & or split the swarm / mini swarm

b) Look to ‘ram’ the swarm and break it up – depending upon the formation – this may not be feasible if you’re putting yourself in a position where you’ll be wearing 4+ 3 dice attacks with modification (i.e. a 2 column x 3 row Tie squad with Howlrunner – blocking them may deny actions and stop the lead ties from firing, but you’ll still have 4 x ties that bump but still have a Howlrunner re-roll at range 1)

In the 2 cases where the list has jousted (Tie swarm and Tie defenders), I have found that one of the scouts is taken out either in that turn or the turn after.  In those cases, it’s probably important that it uses one of its torpedoes rather than go down with both intact / unused.

There are things I still need to do to get up to speed with the list (I think!):

  1. Play more games against tier 1 meta lists – this means more Defenders, Palp Aces and Dengaroo. The 4 games lost to date out of those 21 have been:
    • Empire (Defenders and variations)
    • S&V (Dengaroo and Dengar variations)

Given that I expect the Regionals here in Victoria will see a fair few of these types of lists – it may highlight a weakness in my list and, more importantly, my playing of the squad.

  1. More games against Rebels. Out of 21 games with Wolf Pack variations to date, only 5 of these have been against Rebel lists.  This could be because they’re less popular in the current meta – though recent tournaments (including ‘Worlds’) would say otherwise.
  1. I probably also need to learn to pick what my opponent is targeting – there seem to be 2 schools of thought here:
    • Opponents that focus on the scouts
    • Opponents that focus on the YV

Of the 2, I’m more nervous about option ‘b’ there – though it does provide the opportunity to bait the opponent’s more valuable offensive ships and launch plasmas at them, it does mean that I risk entering the middle / end game with 2 x scouts.  If they have both used their torpedoes, I’m left with 2 x 2-dice attacks – so I better be sure that I’ve taken out the biggest threats!

There are now limited opportunities to play and tweak the list before the Regionals.  In my mind this is the list I will take (for better or worse), so I need to learn to get the most out of it in the coming couple of weeks.