Well if you’re an active X Wing player, by now you would have been able to read and digest the recent FAQ changes that FFG have released.  If for some reason (kidnapped by aliens, been in a coma etc.) you haven’t … here are 2 references to   the changes that are worth a read:

Team Covenant


Lothal Runners


What does it all mean?  Well – in their current form, 3 of the top tier tournament lists have changed – these are:

  • Palp Aces (due to the change in how the Palpatine crew card works),
  • Dengaroo (due to the change in Manaroo’s ability range and the Zuckass change) and
  • Parattani (due to the change in Manaroo’s ability range).

So we will have to wait and see whether the changes result in some new uber lists combinations or open up the meta to new lists.

For me personally?  It means that the Party Pack list has been affected (due to the Zuckass change) – it (I think) still remains competitive, but I’m going to take the opportunity to change things up a bit.

Prior to the FAQ being released, I had stated to experiment with 2 of the newer ships – these being the Upsilon Shuttle and the Tie Striker, resulting in my Upsilon Aces list:

Upsilon Aces

As an update to my last post – this list is now running at 50% after 6 games, so not the best, but still a learning experience.

Now with the Palpatine card change, I wondered whether it was worth continuing due to the investment in the shuttle and Palp himself (at 8 points).  This lead me to be a *little* braver than normal and investigate a pure Imperial Aces list (sans Palp).  Now – I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the best player of aces nor arc dodgers in the game, so I had to think of a way of helping somewhat.

To that end, I came up with my current (test) list: The 3 Tenors …

3 tenors

Yes – bad pun I know – but 3 x PS10 Aces.  Not the “normal” one’s mind you …

  1. Carnor Jax – I know Jax has had a bit of a resurgence lately with the “RAC-Lo” lists going around, but he was my first and favourite ace – I used him with a Tie mini-swarm when I first started playing the game – so I have an affection for the crazy royal guard pilot.  It’s also useful to get him into range 1!
  2. Duchess – as a follow on from the Upsilon Aces, I’ve stayed with Duchess as she’s quite fun to fly – not so much when you’re caught out of position (and melt to Kannan in the Ghost with a TLT double shot!), but still at 26 points for a PS10 pilot – she’s hard to ignore.
  3. Quickdraw – this is my first foray into flying the Tie S/F – this can be frustrating and / or a load of fun depending upon how you fly.

So far – the list has gone 4-0 against 2 other Imperial Aces list, 1 Ghost/Biggs and one Ketsu/Kath Scarlett lists.  Early days, but promising results – the trick for me is learning to fly them properly and be more conservative with my flying, so as not to expose fragile (3 and 4 hull) ships to nasty firepower.

Let’s see how this pans out over the next few weeks.

Fly casual!